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Air Riveter R1A2

Air Riveter R1A2


Achieved Good Design award for 2012!


  • Long stroke - 26mm.
  • Reduced Air Consumption - about 30% less compared with AR2000HV.
  • With integrated vacuum system (On-boardvacuum on/off switch)
  • Can Set S-bolt with optional parts (sold separately).

    The Lobster R1A2 is the heavy duty version of the R1A1 and features a longer stroke (26mm) than the R1A1 model (19mm). It is capable of setting 4.8 and 6.4mm standard and structural rivets in all materials.


    The onboard vacuum on/off swich allows for simple vacuum mandrel collection in the oversized mandrel container allowing improved efficiency and greatr productivity for the user.


    All Lobster tools (excluding consumable parts ie. nose-pieces etc) come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase, subject to the tool having been used correctly in accordance with the tool instructions and application.


    Proof of purchase must be kept and provided with any claim. All freight costs associated with returning tools for warranty claim are the customer's cost.


    All orders will be dispatched via Australia Post or courier service within one business day from when payment is finalised. Shipping timeframes will be in accordance with Australia Post or courier service delivery guidelines.

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