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Attachment Riv-Nut Setter @N17d

No need to adjust stroke!

Easy and convenient!

  • Need a rechargeable drill driver (14.4V with torque adjustable function). 

  • Instantly turn your cordless driver drill (14.4V) into Attachment Riv-Nut Setter. 


How to operate Attachment Riv-Nut Setter @N17d

① Lobster Blind Nut Rivet. (M5 Steel)
② Make a prepared hole which is 0.1mm larger than dia. of the nut rivet. 
③ Check if the nut rivet can insert to the prepared hole.
④ Equip @N10d into the drill driver. 
⑤ Make sure @N10d set in place. 
⑥ Adjust torque of the drill driver. (*1) 
⑦ Make sure if the proper size of the mandrel is equipped. Then, spray lubricant oil on it. (*2) 
⑧ Set the rivet nut into the mandrel.
⑨ Insert the rivet nut into the prepared hole.
⑩ Hold the grip firmly and rotate the drill driver clockwise pushing a little to the object.
⑪ After fastened, rotate the drill driver in anti-clockwise direction and remove the tool from thr nut rivet.
⑫ Finished.

(*1) Refer to "Required torque" in the instruction manual. After adjust the torque, conduct a riveting test.
(*2)Select the proper size of the mandrel. There are 3 sizes (M4, M5, M6) of the mandrel packed into the package.


Click below to download parts sheet

Click below to download spec sheet

  • Be sure to read the Instruction Manual and Important Usage Advisory carefully and make sure that you understand them thoroughly before using this tool.

  • Consider carefully the work condition. By continuous use, the drill driver becomes very hot.

  • Always cool down the tool at continuous use every 10 operations.

  • If using the drill drive other than 14.4V, check if it can work or not before use.

  • The tool is made for the drill driver. Do not use the tool with the impact driver and the pneumatic one.

  • Since dimensions, weights, etc are nominal, there are possible changes of some numerical values.

  • Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notice. 

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