Gold Coast Area Managers


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Michael "Woodsie" Woods - Ph: 0419 782 777


Michael “Woodsie” Woods is another name that has been in the industry for many years in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Known as the “energiser bunny” within the Aerofast office, you’ll always find Woodsie going the extra mile to meet deadlines other companies just wouldn’t attempt.


Plenty of industry knowledge here, especially the roofing sector. Woodsie is so well trusted that some of his clients have given him keys to their premises so he can get urgent last minute orders delivered before and after hours.


A mad supporter of the Super Bowl and All Blacks, Woodsie is always good for a bit of banter. Woodsie’s favourite food is coffee.



Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow le

Myles Took - Ph: 0448 410 194


Myles Took may be our newest Area Manager at Aerofast but he has over 35 years of domestic and international sales experience so his expertise in looking after his client's requirements and meeting project deadlines are his highest priority. You could say he goes the extra Myles!

Myles has managed apartment developments on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, and has been a business owner himself, so he has a full appreciation and understanding of the hurdles businesses face. He believes in the importance of building strong long-term business relationships with both customers and suppliers to ensure a positive end result for all parties.

In his spare time, Myles can be found out on the water, preferably sailing, but enjoys any kind of water sport.