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Brisbane Area Managers

Bill Hodges - 0419 782 100

Bill Hodges has been in the building and shed industry for over 30 years. He’s our go-to man for anything technical, or any unusual problem requiring an urgent solution. He knows most of the leading companies and all of the suppliers. He’s the man that can find things!!


Bill’s background also includes owning a dog training organisation and he’s pretty handy at racket ball……for an old man.


Scott "Scotty" Holmes - 0419 782 444

Scott “Scotty” Holmes is the “oracle” when it comes to all things relating to construction. Scott comes from Bremick’s construction division and before that he was with Coventry Fasteners and Ramset. If you are an industrial glazier, then you need to talk to Scott as he has carved a niche within this market as being able to supply the right product for the right application for the right price.

When not working Scott is keen to get his boat out on the water.


Peter Sattler - 0419 782 381


Peter has become a strong member to the Aerofast team and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from working over 10 years within the fastener industry. Peter has special interest in industrial/manufacturing and construction.


Peter prides himself on getting things done in a timely manner and being there for his customers.


With a love of all sports - in particular Motorsport, you can find him on his go-kart most weekends.


Zac "Harry" Johnson - 0419 659 253

Zac is our newest Brisbane rep who has been involved in the construction industry for approximately 10 years and now part of our dynamic sales team.

With his ambitious attitude to provide the highest level of customer service, in addition to understanding the importance of establishing strong long-term business relationships, Zac strives to achieve a positive result for his customers at all times.

Zac is a huge Cowboys supporter and footy follower who enjoys watching a game and arguing with the Bunker's decision.



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