Air Riveter AR011 S/M

This product is no longer produced. Replaced by AR011MX

Durable and protable. 

  • It is the air riveter of the off-the-shelf-item.

  • Most versatile blind rivet tool line. 

  • Styled to satisfy any production need. 

  • Excellent value - dependable and cost effective.

  • Durable, lightweight and portable.

  • Operates in any position.

  • Adjustable spent mandrel deflectors. 

  • Suitable for standard rivets in all materials from 2.4mm up to 3.2mm diameter. 

  • Non-Rotary (or Straight) air joint.




Click below to download AR011S part sheets

Click below to download AR011M part sheets


Important Safety Instruction

  • Be sure to read the Instruction Manual and Important Usage Advisory carefully and make sure that you understand them thoroughly before using this tool.

  • Be sure to use under condition of construction and wear safety eye protection.

※“AR011S”cannot be used with φ3.2 stainless steel blind rivets.
※“AR011M”cannot be used with φ4.8 stainless steel blind rivets.

  • Since dimensions, weights, etc. are nominal, there possible are changes of some numerical values. 

  • Specifications may be changed for improvement of the product without prior notice.  

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